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Jell-O, Starfish, and Poems in Week 2 of Summer Program

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With summer well under way, we felt it was time for a party! Our first craft of the week in our Summer Program involved Jell-O, teddy bear graham crackers, and some personal creativity. Can you guess what we made?

children using bowls of snacks to make jello bowls
Lots of sweets to make a very special treat…

Beach Party Snacks

By combining snacks and imagination, we turned an ordinary cup of Jell-O into a summer beach party! The children had a fantastic time choosing their very own combination of snacks and bears to create a fun beach scene.

Plus, they got to eat them afterwards – even better!

summer snacks with graham crackers

Important Starfish

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you’re just a small drop in the ocean. In reality, every drop counts!

This week, we read a short poem to remind us about just how important we, and how our actions – even when they feel small – are SO valuable!

a starfish poem
The poem our projects were based on.

Each child wrote about how they can make a difference in the world and illustrated it. These sweet artworks are now hanging up in the Housing Authority Office.

starfish letters made by the children

We also crafted starfish using bubblewrap to bring the message home.

CMC summer program starfish

Fun Fact!

Writing is an amazing way for young people to “develop knowledgeable and self-confident identities,” according to research done by the Australian State Government. It allows children to build skills in constructing and communicating their thoughts and ideas.

Not to mention, sharing what they’ve written about is another great way to form connection and community. Try a writing activity, and ask your child what they wrote about, and why. It’s a great way to start a conversation, connect, and have fun together!

Join us next time!

This is just the beginning of all the great activities we have lined up for our Summer Program. Read more here to see if there are any activities that catch your eye, and contact us if you’d like to come next time.

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