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Cape May Summer Programs

Summer Programs in Full Swing

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As we move into the third week of September, our summer programs are really taking off. Just because the kids at the Housing Authority aren’t in school, doesn’t mean they can’t still be learning!

We are currently running CPR classes, had a visit from the Wetlands Institute, and are running senior Bingo.

Now, YOU have an opportunity to get personally involved in our community. We are seeking a “Big Brother” for one of our young boys at the Housing Authority. If this could be of interest to you, please get in touch.

CPR Certification Classes

Our up-and-coming babysitters are hitting all of the marks in their 10 week program! They are working diligently and excitedly through all of the information, of which there is no shortage.

Skills they are learning include CPR, how to answer a phone, how to help a choking child, how to communicate effectively, and more.

Once the course is done, Cape May Cares will work with the program graduates to help them accrue clients of their own! With this certification, they’ll gain valuable work experience as well as make some money.

Senior Bingo

Gatherings continue for our Bingo sessions with the seniors. This month we raffled off $25 worth of gift cards to the winners. We’ll see you next month!

4 seniors sitting at a table playing bingo

Wetlands Institute Outreach Program

The Wetlands Institute brought friendly ocean creatures to the fingertips and imagination of the CMHA children.

4 girls looking at sea creature in small tanks on a table

Following a fun and interactive explanation of the local sea animals they brought, participants got hands-on time with animals including horse crabs, Welk shells, and sea urchins.

A variety of topics helped the kids better understand the local environment they live in. These include habitats, food chains, and anatomy of the very animals we find here in Cape May County!

Some of the animals include sea stars, sea urchins, hermit crabs, spider crabs, green crabs, clams, and sea snails.


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