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a little girl in a red sweater opens a Christmas present under the tree

We’re looking forward to Christmas 2023 because…

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It’s that time of year again, and once more, Cape May Cares is gearing up for a special season of spreading joy! Since 2018, Cape May Cares has been making Christmas brighter for every child in the Cape May Housing Authority. This program started back in 2013 when a few families got together and bought each child a gift for Christmas. The gifts were then hand delivered on the morning of Christmas Eve. To this day, Cape May Cares continues this tradition of personally delivering the presents to each family and child Christmas Eve morning!

Over the years, the program has flourished, providing an average of $125 to $150 worth of gifts for EACH CHILD! Thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors (YOU!), the last two years allowed us to extend our reach to other deserving families in the community. Additionally, we provided the parents of the Housing Authority with a $50 Walmart gift card, totaling 30 cards!

We consistently reach out to wonderful individuals like you, our donors, to sponsor a child, children, or even an entire family. The Cape May community continuously and overwhelmingly exceeds our expectations, demonstrating incredible generosity in supporting these children. Cape May Cares is profoundly thankful and proud to continue this tradition, and we are thrilled to once again call upon our community to provide Christmas presents to socioeconomically challenged children.

In addition to our primary Christmas gift initiative, we have other events during the festive season that we are equally proud of, such as “Santa’s Workshop” and “Breakfast with Santa.” A few weeks before Christmas, we host “Santa’s Workshop,” where children are invited to the Housing Authority office to “shop” for their parent(s) and siblings. Everything is provided at no cost, thanks to donations or purchases by Cape May Cares. Volunteers assist the children in wrapping and labeling their chosen gifts, maintaining the surprise for their family members. After the gift-wrapping, there’s a card-making station, hot chocolate, and delicious treats for everyone to enjoy!

Last but certainly not least during this season of giving is our “Breakfast with Santa,” generously provided by our supporter Curtis Bashaw. Families from the housing authority are invited to Congress Hall for a brunch with Santa. They can stroll through the beautiful “North Pole” grounds, ride the train, take photos in front of the tree, and most excitingly, capture family moments with Santa! Families eagerly dress up for this special event, creating lasting memories during the festive season. Cape May Cares is delighted to host these events, bringing joy and warmth to our community during the most wonderful time of the year.

Check out our Facebook page and take a look at our Christmas event last year!