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3 Scholarships Awarded to Cape May Locals

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Three students in the Cape May area have been awarded significant scholarships, thanks to volunteers and funding provided by Cape May Cares. This marks the first year that CMC has been able to give scholarships to local students.

The Cape May Cares Scholarship was awarded to two individuals at Lower Cape May Regional High School. Each scholarship was worth $2,000. Both of the recognized individuals embody the mission of our organization with their spirit of compassion, volunteerism, and academic excellence. We’re proud to be able to support them in furthering their education and hope to continue awarding this scholarship in the future.

We also gave the Cape May Cares Volunteers Service Award to honor the hard work and dedication of another local student. Their time and contributions to Cape May Cares has been of considerable notice, we we were able to reward their hard work with a $500 scholarship. The recipient was awarded this for his contributions to Cape May Cares over the years. He exemplifies the spirit of CMC, and we wish him well in his future endeavors at college.

Are you able to help?

Everything we accomplish at Cape May Cares is only made possible by the support of our donors. If you’d like to help provide funding for higher education, please consider donating.