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Scuttling Snacks and Wonderful Windsocks in Summer Program

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Summer isn’t the only thing flying by. Our first craft of our Week 3 summer program was ‘Under the Sea’ themed windsocks.

summer program windsocks

The children worked on drawing and cutting out fish to put on their windsocks. With a variety of colors to choose from, each creation turned out to be unique and beautiful!

summer program craft

Shreds of ‘seaweed’ were added to the bottom as well, giving our ocean scenes an extra pop of color.

We have lots of great minds in our summer program, and it was wonderful to see how these windsocks turned out. Each one has its own style, just like each of our kids!


Oreo Crabs

On day 2 of this week’s summer program, we made a sweet treat that scuttled right from the plate and into our bellies! These Oreo crabs were simple, easy, and fun to make. Just watch out they don’t run away on you…

We started with some red licorice to work as the legs.

Then we added some red paste for a pop of color and to hold everything together. This part was slightly messy, but all the more fun!

And then – viola! We had our final product, a cute Oreo crab.

Fun Fact!

Crafting isn’t just fun, it has significant impact on the way our brains develop and grow. There has been significant evidence of positive growth in all stages of childhood as a result of crafting, according to scholastic.com.

For preschoolers, crafting helps them:

  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Boost counting and pattern recognition
  • Teach shapes and colors

For kids in elementary school, crafting helps them:

  • Engage in critical thinking
  • Build resilience
  • Support reluctant readers – reading directions still counts!

For ‘tweens’ and teenagers, crafting helps them:

  • Nurture self-esteem
  • Grow a creative mindset
  • Develop patience

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