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Reaching For The Stars In Week 4

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This week we jumped from ‘Under The Sea’ up to the stars! We decided to focus on setting goals and aiming high by imagining our own paths.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.” 

Lawrence J. Peter

Simply put, we can’t reach our goals if we don’t know what they are! Our brilliant Activities Director, Barbara, devised a fun and exciting way for the kids to imagine their future.

Using a premade ladder template, children wrote out the “steps” they could take to reach their goals. Some of their answers included spending more time outside, doing better in school, winning cheerleading competitions, and becoming a professional artist.


One of the great aspects of this project is just how different all of the answers were. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ goal to want in life. We are unique individuals, so different things make us happy. We should pursue our goals accordingly while also being supportive of others.

Seeing everyone’s dreams was so inspiring and refreshing. It reminded us to keep striving towards what makes us happy. Not to mention, goal-setting has many positive effects on us as well as just feeling good.

It wouldn’t be possible to climb out ladder of success without the proper footwear! We also crafted shoes to help us “climb” towards our goals.

These are some benefits of goal setting, according to Forbes, but the list is infinite:

  • Helps identify what is truly important to you
  • Keeps levels of motivation high by creation actionable steps
  • Increases focus and attention
  • Builds character

At Cape May Cares, we want to help our community members feel happy and safe, while also giving them the space and resources to grow. Writing out goals is just one of many ways to start looking to the future, and all of our future events are possible because of support from readers like YOU!

We are so thankful to have such an amazing community, and are always grateful for donations. (Click here to donate today.) Our Summer Program has been filled with spectacular events, and many more are still on the way. Stayed tuned with our weekly blog to see what’s happening here at Cape May Cares!

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