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social worker internship

Social Work Internship Supporting Community Members

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Who said a small organization can only have a small impact on its community? Our social worker and intern at Cape May Cares have been making a world of difference where it matters most.

Developing Our Social Work Internships

Over the past few years, we have partnered with a professional social worker, Pat Harrison, from Vineland. Pat is doing an outstanding job of helping us meet the needs of the Cape May community and setting the foundation for a social work internship program.

Together with Pat, Cape May Cares has been working to involve local college students from Stockton University into our social work internships. This gives students hands on experience in real-life situations in communities that need them. Our social work interns help strengthen the Cape May community and create lasting, positive change.

social work internship through Stockton University

Our current social work intern, Katie, is bringing fantastic energy and drive to this organization. In one semester, she has reached out to 90% of the people in the Housing Authority with brochures and flyers, and offering support where needed. 

Katie is on-site and available every Monday for walk-ins and requests. Most residents take advantage of this opportunity and come by every week. 

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The Real-Life Difference

A single mother from the Housing Authority came to Katie in hopes of finally getting to go to college. With the help of our social work intern, she was able to complete all of the necessary paperwork, apply for financial aid, and have all of her concerns addressed. By working together with our social work intern and being driven, she made her dreams a reality. So far she has completed one class at Atlantic Community College and is currently completing her second. We are thrilled to see another community member accomplishing their goals and achieving higher education. 

An elderly community member came to our social work intern seeking more clarification with regard to medical assistance and proper treatments. With in depth discussions and consultations, she now has a visitor who helps her with medications and any questions she has. Organization has made a big difference in her health and routines.

The projects at Cape May Cares range in scope and size, but our social work internships are rewarding in all manners! Katie recently helped one of our elderly community members call Comcast to fix an issue. Together, they made the phone call and resolved an issue that otherwise could have been quite daunting. It’s simple tasks like these that make lasting impacts on the community. Everyone deserves to feel supported.

Building a Stronger Future, Together

So far, the social work internship has been a success for both the community and the students involved. Stockton students are able to build meaningful relationships in the community and apply their practical knowledge to help serve residents of the Housing Authority. It is our hope to continue developing this program, and potentially even hire a part time social worker.

If you or someone you know could be interested in an internship or work experience, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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