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Pumpkins, Costumes, and Community for CMHA Halloween

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Good thing the Cape May Police Department was present, because our Halloween Party was too fun to handle. With crafts, games, and snacks, there was no shortage of Halloween spirit.

Due to some uncooperative weather, we were unfortunately unable to host our Trunk or Treat we had planned. What happened instead was almost better – we combined our Trunk or Treat with our Halloween party for the ultimate spooky bash.

Our Activities Director, Barbara Rosenberg, set up an assortment of activities, including pumpkin decorating. Of course, what Halloween festivity is complete without that?! Something as simple as decorating pumpkins brought out a spectacular sense of community. The older Housing Authority children began helping the youngest decorate their pumpkins – giving them ideas of what to draw, helping them pick colors, and bonding over the fun they were having. They even tagged along with them to play games and explore other activities.

Having interacted with many of these children over the past months and years, it is beautiful to see how they are growing and influencing others around them. Our college volunteers have been shining lights in teaching our CMHA kids what it means to give their time and help to others. In a way, the tweens are now able to return the favor to the youngest children of the community. Setting these standards is exactly how Cape May Cares plans to move forward.

After crafting to their heart’s content, the students could then fill their tummies with goody bags and ice cream. Another special moment occurred when one of the little boys drew a special picture for the ice cream truck driver to thank him for everything he does. Not even the freezers were cold enough to keep our hearts from melting.

For anyone who was unable to make the event, our fantastic CMPD went from door to door to give out goody bags to anyone who was unable to attend.

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