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October Update

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October has flown by spookily fast, and we are excited to share what we accomplished with the Cape May community this month.

Art classes with Mark Innerst are continuing.

After a successful event with Mark in September, we will carry on with his wonderful and unique work. Please sign up in the CMHA office. We request that participants are 12 years or older, and encourage parents to join as well. All supplies are included, just bring a smile and a positive attitude!

cape may cares art classes

Fall tutoring is starting this week.

Children will meet with a senior tutor every week to spend one on one time studying, learning, and getting support in the areas they struggle with. We are hoping to have the schedule for college and high school tutors in place by the end of the month so that the children will be able to meet with tutors two times a week: once with a senior and once with a student teacher.

cape may cares tutoring

Visits from our social worker.

Our social worker, Athena, has been coming every Friday from 8am to 4pm to meet with families and children in need. We are grateful for the great work she has been doing thus far to assist the Cape May community.

We are partnering with Cape Hope.

As well as Family Promise, we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Cape Hope. Cape Hope is a faith based advocacy organization focusing on homelessness and its prevention in Cape May County. Read more about Cape Hope here. Their work is inspiring and we are excited to form this relationship and broaden our services to the community.

cape hope helps

Computer tutoring is open, and ready for more participants.

Computer tutoring is off to a slow but steady start. We are eager to share this great opportunity to learn important computer skills, and have just made the service available to Cape Hope and Family Promise. We will be going to their facilities to teach.

Cape May Cares needs YOUR help!

Due to restrictions and safety precautions surrounding COVID-19, our fundraising events are currently at a stand still. We will be printing and circulating fliers in an attempt to encourage donations.

Times are challenging and continuously changing in the face of Coronavirus, but at Cape May Cares we are doing our best to adapt. We formed a fundraising committee and will be meeting next week. If you are interesting in assisting the committee (and your community!), please email MaryEllen and let us know. We are extremely grateful for any help!

We understand how difficult these times can be, and strive to strengthen our bond as a community so that we can all thrive together.

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