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Month of May: Basketball and Tutoring Activities

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With spring in full bloom, we are using this time to get back outside and start moving again.


This month, we hosted our first ever basketball clinic. With the help of our fantastic volunteers, the CMHA youth participated in a busy afternoon.

We used the local courts next to the HA and Cape May County school to practice dribbling, passing, and other technical skills on the court. With a group of seven, there was plenty of energy and great focus.

Not only is basketball a blast for the players, but creates fantastic healthy habits. First of all, it helps to promote team building and working together. Learning to play with other team members is a great skill, and also makes the game a lot more fun.

Other physical benefits, as researched by WebMD, include lowering blood pressure, supporting bone health, and improves balance and coordination. Quickly moving back and forth along the court, stopping and starting, and coordinating passes elevates the heart rate and keeps the body active.

Other research has found that basketball influences various aspects of mental and emotional health. Exercise is an effective way to reduce stress and boost your mood. Just a few minutes a day of passing a ball back and forth or shooting will be sure to make you feel better. Plus, it’s a nice way to spend quality time with family and friends.

After an afternoon of drills and games, we wrapped up the day with pizza and a few different table games.

Tutoring Appreciation

We also hosted a crafting workshop for our tutor appreciation week. Our tutors meet every week to help students with school work. Not only is this important for grades, but creates a bond for the young students with other mentors in their community. Not to mention – they focus on making schoolwork feel fun!

Education is a fundamental aspect of CMC and we want to make people feel excited about learning.

Thumbs up for our tutors!

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