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Get To Know Our Homework Squad Students: Neville

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Neville is a 16 year old sophomore at Lower Cape May Regional High School.  He was born in Savanna-la-Mar, which is in the Westmoreland Parish of Jamaica.  Neville spent most of his childhood in Jamaica but briefly lived in New York City (although he’s not fan — much too busy and not enough land). After the craziness of NYC, Neville was happy to move to Cape May and start at Cape May Elementary in the fifth grade.  

Neville is a talented artist and participates in a monthly Cape May Cares art class taught by nationally-recognized artist Mark Innerst. Along with art, Neville loves Anime (Japanese animation), sketching, cooking and playing video games. Neville aims to be an architect someday. 

Some of Neville’s Other Favorites: 

School subjects: art and gym    

Foods: ackee (fruit) and salt fish (national food of Jamaica), boiled green bananas, cheeseburger with bacon 

Colors: black and red

Music: Rap-Juice WRLD, Drake, Dubstep, Chilledcow (live stream lo-fi hiphop songs to help people focus on studying)

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