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Cape May Community Raises Over $5,000 For CMHA Christmas Gifts

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We weren’t dreaming of a white Christmas this year, we were dreaming of one where all of our children at the Cape May Housing Authority were taken care of. With the help of our incredible sponsors and many supporters around the Cape May community, we are ecstatic to share that we successfully sponsored every single child for the first time in Cape May Cares History!

How Deliveries Started

Before Cape May Cares was officially founded, the Laffertys began providing Christmas trees to the housing authority in 2011. The next year, they provided a gift for each child on the morning of Christmas Eve. The following year, the Lawler family joined, and a tradition was born. For 9 years now, around $100 worth of gifts has been donated to each child every year.

Cathy, Kory, and Koko Lafferty

This Christmas marks a particular milestone for Cape May Cares because every child at the CMHA was sponsored. This means that money was either donated to buy presents, or the sponsor themselves bought and wrapped the gifts.


Usually, the extra necessary money comes out of pocket if there are not enough sponsors, but this year the Cape May community stepped up and made a spectacular difference. All 54 children received $100 worth of presents. That is no small feat! This is just one of the many reasons we are proud to be a part of the Cape May community.

Many Hands Make Light Work

None of this would be possible without our many helping hands. Delegated shoppers this year included Kory Lafferty, Koko Lafferty, Shaye Fletcher, Cathy Lafferty, Pam Cluff, Delaney Cluff and Patti Hodgetts. Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Cape May donated toys and facemasks, some of which were delivered on Christmas Eve morning – an unexpected, pleasant surprise for the kids! We also have a spectacular number of donors and sponsors who played a vital role in making this Christmas possible. To them, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Christmas 2020

On Christmas morning, little hands pulled back curtains and glittering eyes peered through windows. Our helpers delivered presents to children jumping up and down in their Christmas pajamas, smiles so big and warm they thawed the morning chill and melted our hearts. Some squeaked with joy, while others asked to quietly place them under the tree as a morning surprise. For some, these are the only presents they would receive.

To orchestrate the entire process, we relied on the smooth mechanics of Bob Martin. From loading the gifts into trucks and organizing a seamless delivery and dropping them off, Bob played a key role in making the morning perfect. We cannot thank him enough for his help!

Beyond our helpers on Christmas Day, we are eternally grateful for the support from the Cape May community. It is awe inspiring to witness such compassion and care flourish within our town. We will never be able to express how much we appreciate your help, but we can start with two words: thank you.

Thank you!

The following is a list (in no particular order) of people, families, and community members who contributed to the most successful Christmas at Cape May Cares yet. We could not have done this without them!

  • Chandi Ackrum 
  • Barbara Becker
  • Gigi Cluff 
  • Pam and Dennis Cluff and family  
  • Sandy Cluff
  • Elaine Craig
  • Paul Gentilini
  • Jessica and Michael Hober
  • Barbara Horneff 
  • Diane Hutchinson
  • Stacey Hutchinson 
  • Charles and Colleen Klink 
  • Gina Lanza
  • Ray Lucci and family 
  • Karen and Tom 
  • Pat Nolan  
  • Stacey Pellegrini and Family
  • Al and Betty Peterson
  • Lora Radzieta
  • Susan Reilly
  • Brynn and Paul Schraeder and family  
  • Belinda Seleski and family 
  • Deanna Smith 
  • Beth and Doug Smithson 
  • Amy Souder 
  • Lisa Stroud
  • Paul and Tammy Stevenson
  • Chris and Rose Trificante 
  • Claudia Vonsavage and family
  • Erica and Steve Webb 
  • Anonymous $500
  • Anonymous $500

Thank you again for our best Christmas yet! We are already looking forward to next year.

Our helpers delivering Christmas presents!


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