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Exploring Still Life and Community with Mark Innerst

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Mark Innerst held another successful art session with Cape May Cares this past Saturday, March 13. Socially distanced and wearing masks, participants were able to relax and explore various artistic skills with Mr. Innerst.

cape may art class with mark innerst

Specifically, they focused on drawing a still life without looking at the paper, and cave art drawings on dyed papers. All of the materials were provided beforehand, so the children could focus on enjoying themselves and learning from Mr. Innerst.

Most of the participants used a small figurine, such as an elephant, a duck, or small person, as the focus for their drawings. Various materials were used to draw the object and then adding shading to give it a realistic dimension.

This week, community members from outside the CMHA were also able to join the art class with Mark Innerst. The overall atmosphere was one of excitement and positivity. Some children broke right into their creative stride, while others slowly warmed up to the idea and became totally immersed by the end.

cape may art class with mark innerst

By the end of the session, everyone had a piece they were proud of, and a few new friends!

The next class will be the second Saturday in May. If interested, please contact Mary Ellen.

snack time at cape may cares art session with mark innerst

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