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Crafting for Community, A Valentine’s Day Treat

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According to a recent survey by AARP Foundation, 83% of adults would prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with someone rather than by themselves. Cape May Cares celebrated Valentine’s Day by sharing our love with the community and making sure that no one felt like they were alone.

Crafting for a Cause

A group of seven children from the Cape May Housing Authority took the afternoon to work on crafts and cookies to give to their neighbors.

We used clothes pins, glitter, googley eyes, and pipe cleaners to make candy love bugs for the neighbors. They were filled with so much love they practically flew off the plates.

There are a variety of goodies from cookies to skittles, which were more than enough to peak the interest of anyone with a sweet tooth.

Delivery Time

When it was time for delivery, everyone took off with fantastic smiles on their faces. Our Valentine’s Day team went around knocking on neighborhood doors and brought a little bit of extra joy to the community. After all, who can say no to a delicious cookie?

Even in the deep chill of winter, we are so grateful for our community members who take the time to show up, be present, and use their positive energy to make our community a better place. With each event we have, no matter how big or small, we are moving together towards a greater goal: providing possibilities for our youth through education and experience.

Faces of Joy

These are just a few of the lights in town who make the Cape May Community a better place!

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