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Celebrating Easter Sunday

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This year’s Easter celebration was filled with crafting, egg hunts, and bright spring sunshine.

two boys holding buckets while going Easter egg hunting

To start off the day, we had a delicious drink from Dunkin Donuts. We always love a classic!

Of course, what Easter Sunday would be complete without an egg hunt? There are actually a few hypotheses about where the word “Easter” originates.

One of these theories lies around a goddess called Eostre, who represents spring and fertility. This concept was proposed by the Anglo-Saxon scholar the Venerable Bede. As a goddess of spring and fertility, the month of spring was called “Eosturmonath” (Easter-month).

On the other hand, The Canadian Oxford Dictionary suggests that the origination of the word lies in Germanic roots, starting with the word “east.” The root of this word is actually based on the Latin word for “dawn”. For many, Easter and spring are synonymous with the end of long, dark nights and the start of longer days filled with sunshine. In this sense, the thought process around the naming of this holiday seems more directly aligned with the environmental description of the time.

With that being said, the children also had the opportunity to draw their own Easter-themed pictures. They freely expressed their favorite aspects of Easter in vivid colors and great detail. Their art classes with Mark Innerst are surely paying off!

It was fantastic to see the community come out and gather together. We love being able to share these experiences with one another. For us, each and every individual moment counts, and we want to bring smiles to as many families as possible.

Thank you to all of the families who joined today, and special thank you to all of our donors who make these events possible.

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