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cape may cares 2021 Christmas delivery

Cape May Cares Celebrates Christmas 2021

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This Christmas brought another spectacular success for the Cape May Cares community.

Not only did we gift presents to 62 children in the Housing Authority, but we were also able to gift 27 parents with $50 gift cards to Walmart. This is a spectacular achievement, as we could not have done it without donations and support from our community members.


What started as giving Christmas presents where possible, and usually from personal funds, has turned into a fully fledged annual event. Over the past two years, our Cape May Cares community has stepped up to the plate to make sure everyone has something to celebrate this Christmas.

Early in the morning on Christmas Eve, we loaded up “Santa’s sleigh” – we needed two! – to bring over all of the Christmas goodies. Our team of elves worked hard to bring them to all of the CMHA families. There was nothing like getting to see the pure joy radiating from the children!

Last year was the first Christmas that was funded entirely by donations. This year, we exceeded those expectations and were able to supply gift cards, for the parents, too.

From the bottom of our hearts, we genuinely cannot say thank you enough times to the Cape May community for making this Christmas another unforgettable one. There is no way we could continue our mission without your support.

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