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Another Successful Art Class with Mark Innerst

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As always, it is a pleasure and honor to have our art classes hosted by Mark Innerst. Here are a few snapshots from our most recent class!

This week, the children got to focus on still life flowers. With spring well on its way and summer only just around the corner, the theme is very fitting!

We are so grateful to have such wonderful turnout at these events. Not only is art fun, but it’s also therapeutic! It strengthens our imaginations, activates different parts of our brain, and helps us relax.

“Anything that engages your creative mind — the ability to make connections between unrelated things and imagine new ways to communicate — is good for you,” says Girija Kaimal, professor at Drexel University.

In fact, it also helps us to imagine a more hopeful future, activate the reward center of our brain, decrease stress levels, and lets you focus deeply, according to NPR.

Once a month, CMC gets to bring art to the local community. It’s fun and healthy! We hope to see you at the next class.

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