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Amazing Bike Donation From Cape Island Bike Rentals

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Riding a bicycle is a classic childhood pastime. Now, thanks to, Cape Island Bike Rentals, one more child will be able to fulfill this dream.

Tom Roth at Cape Island Bike Rentals has once again supported Cape May Cares through a very generous bike donation. We cannot thank him or the company enough!

Cape Island Bike Rentals

It is through this type of sponsorship and kindness that Cape May Cares is able to continue its mission. We extend our most sincere gratitude.

Not only is riding a bike fun, it also boasts multiple health benefits:

  • Increased muscle strength and flexibility
  • Reduced stress and improved mental well-being
  • More time spent outdoors in fresh air
kids riding bikes

As well as other positive attributes outside of health:

  • Riding a bike can be done alone, or with family and friends
  • A great alternative to driving or walking
  • Helps encourage responsibility – bikes need to be cleaned and looked after!

Now, another lucky child in Cape May County will get to experience all of these benefits and more, thanks to Cape Island Bike Rentals.

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