Below is a summary of the City of Cape May Housing Authority Tenant’s responses to the events that were held in November 2018 and December 2018 sponsored by the Cape May Cares, Inc. Organization, such as the Senior Game-Night and Trolley Ride, the Children’s Santa Workshop, the Breakfast with Santa at Congress Hall, and the delivery of Christmas to more than 50 Children residing at the Broad Street Court Units.

Game Night held on November 14, 2018

“..the game night was so much fun, we played bingo and I received several wonderful gifts”

“…the game night was great, especially the food the meatballs sandwiches were delicious, and they should hold these types of events more often”

“..the game night was fun, enjoyed meeting with the other residents; I especially enjoyed the chocolate brownies”

Trolley Ride held on December 9, 2018

“..It was a very nice afternoon, it was nice to relax and enjoy the tour, really enjoyed the Physick Estate Tour.  I believe everyone had a very good time”

Senior Christmas Gathering held on December 21, 2018

“…this was so much fun we listened to music and had an opportunity to chat with other residents, there was such a nice selection of gifts”

“…I can’t believe that I was able to find a smock that is just like the one I wear all the time which is just about worn out and I now have this beautiful replacement”

“…I can’t believe such a nice event was held for us around Christmas it is nice to meet some of the other residents which we don’t get to meet everyday”

“…I couldn’t believe the selection of gifts that were free, I got a great pair of earrings and a pullover that I am going to wear to a Christmas party at work, hope they do more events like this, me and my husband had a great time”


The most favorable comments were received about these Christmas activities –

Santa’s Workshop held on December 18, 2018

“…I am so glad we attended this event, the volunteers were so friendly to the kids they had a great time”

“…this was a great event, the kids liked drawing the pictures, and they had a great time”

“..this was a neat event, there were so many gifts to choose from, can’t believe they also helped with wrapping the presents”

“…I hope my daughter picked out a good present for me, I sort of told her what to pick out”

“…me and my kids really enjoyed the refreshments”

“…I did not attend this event but from what I heard I hope they do this again next year so that I can bring the kids”

Breakfast with Santa at Congress Hall held on December 23, 2018

“..my child has a disability and does not do well in a crowd or events like this, but I decided to have my sister take him, I was amazed at what a great time he had, that is all he could talk about, this has made me realize that I need to take him to other types of social events”

“..the kids had such a great time there was so much for them to do, the especially enjoyed the train ride and of curse the great breakfast”

“…my daughter couldn’t believe that she actually got to talk with Santa and tell him what she wanted for Christmas”

“…what a great time, everybody was so wonderful to the kids, the breakfast was great, and the kids didn’t want it to end, hope they do the same next year”

“…I could not take the kids to this, but there were so many great comments about the event, hope next year I will be able to take my kids to this.

Christmas Present Delivery on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2018

This is the most anticipated and appreciated event for all of the families with children.  We pretty much hear the same comments every year about the quality and quantity of presents that are distributed.

“…I can’t believe my daughter received a Barbie Doll that she wanted, I looked all over for this doll and couldn’t find it; I was so surprised when that was one of the many presents she received.  I am always so surprised at the number of wrapped presents that are delivered for the kids.

“…I was so relieved when we were told that presents would be coming for my kids, I didn’t know how I was going to be able to have any presents for them on Christmas morning.  This is my first Christmas here and was amazed at the number of presents, the kids were so excited on Christmas morning when they came downstairs and saw all of the presents.  Please thank everyone involved for their generosity”

“…I am so glad you kept my son on the list even though he is 18 and still in school, he has medical issues so we are trying to get him to complete high school.  He was so excited with the gift cards but especially with the giant puzzle, he wanted to immediately start putting it together”

“…the kids really had a great Christmas morning; I didn’t think I would be able to give them much for Christmas.  The kids are 2 and 1, so I didn’t put the presents out until Christmas Morning, when they came down stairs and saw the presents, my daughter who is 2 kept saying, what is this?  After they got over the surprise they began to tear into the presents.  They were so happy with all of the presents, particularly the 2 year old who also wanted all of her brother’s toys, he in turned wanted all her toys.  Please thank the people involved because if it wasn’t for their efforts the kids would not have had much of a Christmas.  I hope they do the same thing next year”

“…please thank all those involved in the Christmas deliveries I was so relieved because the kids would not have received much on Christmas morning.  The presents were great and the kids had such a great time opening all of the presents”