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Playground Fundraiser

We are currently fundraising to build a playground for the children of the Cape May Housing Authority. We need your help! A playground will create a safe space for the children to play, develop motor skills, and build community.

Donate to our cause. Help us reach $50k!

Every donation counts, no matter how big or small. We’re just under a fifth of the way to reaching our goal. Help us put in a playground for the CMHA by this spring.





Why A Playground?

After speaking to parents in the Housing Authority, one their main concerns was that they couldn’t do work around the house while also watching their kids. By having a playground on the property, parents will be able to continue their necessary activities while children play within a safe, local area that they can see.

Cape May Housing Authority area of empty grass
The current space at the CMHA

The new construction will include a playground for young children to play on, as well as the addition of a covered gazebo. We believe this is an important aspect for multiple reasons. First, a gazebo provides protection from natural elements such as sun and rain.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, it provides a space where parents are able to relax, interact, and enjoy their local community. New data from American Enterprise Institute Survey on Community and Society (SCS) finds that, “Even after accounting for an individual’s social class, education, gender, and race, amenity access predicts feelings of community satisfaction, social trust, and social isolation,” along with reports of feeling safer in one’s own neighborhood.

Watch our video for more information on the playground fundraiser.

When Is The Playground Being Built?

Our goal is to start construction of the playground by spring of 2023. Join us for a fundraiser at Cape May Brewery on October 28. More information coming soon!

Put Your Name On It

Our donors are the main reason we can accomplish everything that we do, and deserve to be honored accordingly. Make a donation in memory of a loved one, or from your local business. Tiered donations will memorialize your message in the park and pavilion! Tiers are as follows:

  • Brick with inscription                         $500
  • Plaque (small)/(large)                        $1000/$5000
  • Bench                                                  $10,000
  • Entire Structure                                  $25,000/$50,000