Encouraging & Empowering through Education & Experience

Who We Are

Cape May Cares is a non-profit charity dedicated to creating and funding educational and community programs to help improve the everyday lives and enhance future opportunities for children, senior citizens, lower income families and disabled persons. At this time, we are focused on the Cape May Housing Authority but plan to branch out to more of the Cape May community.

Formed in June of 2018, Cape May Cares is comprised of a local volunteer board. We hold our meetings at the Cape May City Housing Authority office and welcome all volunteers who are interested in our mission. Normally our meetings take place the third monday of each month (after the CMHA board meeting) but please email one of our board members if you plan to attend, just to make sure!

Our Vision

Cape May Cares is committed to encouraging and empower our fellow neighbors in need by fostering community spirit and involvement by having our local businesses and residents volunteer time.  The tremendous talent and generosity of our community is amazing. 


Thanks to the wonderful support of our local Cape May residents, we held a fund raiser which raised enough money to get us started. This is what we have done so far:

  • We now have a nationally known artist, Mark Innerst, who has many gallery openings in NYC. He will be teaching art to the residents of CMHA in the gazebo of the HA. Read more about his work here.
  • We have secured a social worker at the Housing Authority! She is a senior at Stockton University and will be coming in to assist every Friday from 9am-4pm. We are aspiring to increase this service to two days a week!
  • Tennis Lessons @ Cape May Tennis Club

  • Sailing Lessons @ Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape may

  • Swimming Lessons

  • Tutoring for all ages. Our 3 volunteer tutors started in July and met with the kids once a week. Now they are well into the fall session, and have increased our volunteer base. We now have 5 tutors year-round! Read more about our accomplishments with tutoring program here.

  • Tech Center and Library. We have renovated a room in the Housing Authority Office and turned it into a study hall/library for the children. We have 2 computers with monitors, internet access, printers, desks and tons of donated books for the kids and seniors to borrow!

We can not thank the local community enough! They have been more than eager to assist and volunteer!

a group of young children and parents standing around a table with chocolates and treats